5 creative ways to announce your next move

by Pauline Hammerbeck

If you’re moving to a new home, you could certainly email everyone – or send an online card – to inform them of your new coordinates. Both are efficient methods, and they get the job done. But there are many more creative approaches to announcing your next move.

Read on for five fun ideas on how you can inform your friends and family about your new address!

Create a Facebook event

Facebook can be an efficient way to announce your move to all of your friends and contacts simultaneously. Rather than just posting the news on your feed, though (which really isn’t a secure option, anyway) you can create a Facebook “event” page, add a photo, video or other image and include all the fun details you want to share. You can learn how to adjust privacy settings for events pages here.

Become a video star

If you want your friends to get a peek at your home before they’ve even visited, consider making your own video and uploading it to a video sharing account like Vimeo or YouTube. (You’ll want to adjust your “privacy settings” to keep the video secure.) This can be a way to express your enthusiasm and showcase your personality as only you can.

Go custom with cards

If you love the idea of sending physical cards, but want something more unique than store-bought greetings, try the customizable options from the many image publishers online, such as Shutterfly or Tiny Prints. You can also go truly custom and work directly with designers on sites like Etsy.com, which includes handmade options. Even Evite, the granddaddy of digital invites, is going the paper route, recently offering customers the option to send out physical cards.

Create a personalized map

If your friends are analytic types, you might consider building a custom map on Mapbox or Google maps with directions to your new home. You can create a map, mark multiple locations, add text, and even embed images and videos that will entertain friends as they make plans to arrive at your new front door.

Host a moving party

What better way to announce your move than hosting a moving party? It’s a bit of a different spin on the house-warming party, and you can certainly showcase creativity with the party itself. What about setting out canvases and paint and letting your guests create art for your new home? Or, rather than a housewarming party at your new digs, maybe it’s a goodbye party in your current home where you give everybody your new address.

Moving is an exciting time and one you probably want to share with your friends and family. A little creativity with the moving announcements will make sure it’s memorable for everyone.

This article originally appeared on the Allstate Blog.